West Island Resources for Recent Immigrants

For recent immigrants and other people who need help with Furnishings and/or Food there are various resources available throughout the island of Montreal.

Below is contact information for three organisations that offer a variety of services for anyone who might need help. The first two, The West Island Mission and the Fonds d’aide de l’Ouest-de-l’Île, are in the West Island. MADA, which offers kosher foods, is in the Cote des Neiges area (East of Décarie, north of T.M.R.)

Note that, in general, organisations that offer help to individuals will not accept calls from third parties - the person who needs the help must call them directly (or with an interpreter who speaks English or French.)

Note that there are many groups that offer help but lack advertising services. There are also people who are willing to part with their furniture at no charge if you are willing to arrange a pick-up from them. To find out about these opportunities you should check with your local Church and other community resources. You can also call the numbers below and ask for reference information. Don't forget to check Kijiji and the bulletin boards at the Civic centre, the Library and local grocery stores.

Kijiji has lots of good deals (all kinds, including new stuff) at various price points:



West Island Mission

(Food bank)

Contact: Wendy is the manager of the food bank. Leave a message for Mimi or Danielle if you need furniture and they'll try to help.
Voicemail: (514) 912-6813
Email: wimmoi [at] hotmail.com


Fonds d’aide de l’Ouest-de-l’Île
(Fonds de Dépannage de l’Ouest-de-l’Ile)


9, rue Centre Commercial
Roxboro-Montréal, Québec H8Y 2N9
Telephone: (514) 683-0456
Email: info [at] fdoi.org

(registration required)
23, rue Centre Commercial,
Roxboro-Montréal H8Y 3K6
Telephone: (514) 683-0456

9, rue Centre Commercial,
Roxboro-Montréal H8Y 2N9
Telephone: (514) 683-3107

21, rue Centre Commercial,
Roxboro-Montréal H8Y 3K6


Mada Community Center

6700 Cote des neiges #218,
Montreal QC. Canada H3S 2B2
Email: mada [at] madacenter.com
Telephone: (514) 342-4969